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Shai Alexandroni - I am an autodidact, multidisciplinary artist, working in varied mediums, including etching, painting, installation, prints, photography, video art, and film. The artistic creation process holds significant importance in my work, and is an integral part of the final artwork. I often explore diverse techniques, including those I develop myself, and merge unconventional materials.

In my paper works, I blend painting, printmaking techniques, and photography with hard materials such as concrete, rust, and plaster, utilising processes of burning, rusting, and erosion. This way, I create contrasts and tensions between the softness of the paper and the stiffness of the materials and processes, which express a central aspect of my work. My installations are also assemblages of processes and materials, such as concrete, plaster, fabrics, metals, and glass. Similarly, my video works incorporate different styles and are a hybrid of poetic video art and narrative film.

By working spontaneously without precise planning, and by using both hands with no dominant one, my artistic process allows me freedom and openness. This freedom is evident both in the experimental approach and in the thematic concepts I explore. Led by intuition and the subconscious, the work seems to create itself. I am influenced by literature, poetry, architecture, and Christian symbolism. I incorporate familiar elements from art history into my art, giving them my personal interpretation. For example, one recurring motif in my work is fallen angels, where the once-guardian holy angel becomes a rusty, perhaps sinister, figure that falls to earth, representing a departure from the ideal.
I deal with themes that concern human nature, such as fears, apprehensions, senescence, wear and tear, and the separation from the good and the peaceful. There is a correlation between the subjects, the techniques, and the aesthetics, as the works convey a sense of disintegration, fragility, and imperfection, expressing conflicts of mortality. I do not shy away from portraying human fears and reveal the complexity of life, including its less aesthetic aspects. 

I exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel, including The Art Workshop (Yavne), Tel Aviv Artists’ House (Tel Aviv), Yad Lebanim Gallery (Haifa), The Little Prince (Tel Aviv), Askilla Gallery (Jaffa), Al Ha-Tsuk Gallery (Netanya), Artists’ House (Rishon LeTsiyon), Derfler Gallery (Jerusalem) and more. My films and videos were screened in Israel’s cinematheques and participated in film festivals around the world.
Shai Alexandroni


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Tel Aviv Israel

mobile: +972505238901

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